Global Pinoy Remittance Services Incorporated was formed last 2006 and was known as GPRS or Global Pinoy Remittance and Services Inc.. It is a service oriented company and specializes in the design and sales of commercial consumer service industry duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas [BSP].

After establishing more than 90 GPRS Franchise Outlets (also called as Recognized Business Centers) together with the accredited 200 GPRS partners around the world they decided to network GPRS.

On August 2011, GPRS included NETWORKING or the DEALERS Packages in the business so that more Filipinos can have better access to the services GPRS is offering in their  franchising business and at the same time have access to earning opportunities!

GPRS decided to launch the following DEALER PACKAGES: 
(1) Retailer Dealer Package,
(2) Sub-Dealer Package,
(3) Pinoy Dealer Package,
(4) Global Dealer Package.

The DEALER PACKAGES was designed for personal use or as a home based business. BUT, some member decided to ADD this services to their existing business.

UPS Unified Products and Services Incorporated was launched November 11, 2011 and was the exclusive marketing arm of GPRS Dealer Packages. Visit my website

On January 2013, UPS Unified Products and Services officially carry the DEALER Packages as its own products. GPRS will mainly focus on its Franchising business.